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Socially Responsible Investing

In 2008, TEF co-sponsored a conference with the National Center on Philanthropy and the Law at New York University School of Law entitled, Socially Responsible Investing: Prudent or “Im”? This section presents papers created for this conference, as well as articles produced after the conference. All papers are reproduced or made available here by permission.

Socially Responsible Investing: A Guide for Trustees of Charitable Organizations
By Ralph Earle

A Letter About Investing
By Joel Dobris

Foundations and Proxy Voting: The Voice, the Power, and the Tool That Goes Unused
By Doug Bauer

Is Mission Investing Prudent?
By Susan Gary

A Call For Disclosure: Endowed Foundations, Investments, and Institutional Mission
By Bill McCalpin

Suggested Articles

Below is a list of articles or monographs that TIFF staff find helpful or illuminating. All articles are reproduced or made available here by permission.

John Craig: New Financial Realities: The Response of Private Foundations
Byron Wien on Philanthropy
Byron Wien on Integrity in the Money Management Profession
Barton Biggs on Controlling Investment-Related Costs
Barton Biggs on Yale Endowment's David Swensen
Charlie Munger on Institutional Funds Management
Antoine W. van Agtmael: Emerging Markets in 2001
James P. Garland: The Fecundity of Endowments and Long-Duration Trusts
Barton Biggs: How About Real Estate
In Defense of International Investing
Kevin Kneafsey: Solving the Investor's Problem
Tech Stock Warning (Marathon London)

Suggested Websites

Council on Foundations (
The Council on Foundations (CoF) is a Washington, DC-based membership organization dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of responsible and effective philanthropy. Its Website is a valuable resource for any non-profit trustee, director, or staff member. The site provides guidance for starting a foundation, understanding tax and legal issues, and keeping abreast of the regulatory environment. In addition, the site offers professional development resources, non-profit community links, CoF research, and information regarding CoF's publications, conferences, and workshops.

Association of Small Foundations (
The Association of Small Foundations (ASF) is dedicated to promoting the effective administration and grant-making activities of foundations whose only common trait is a small staff (no more than five). ASF also serves to build links between its members and the broader foundation community through membership workshops, coordination with the Council on Foundations, and a program for matching foundations with similar needs and missions. Many of ASF's resources are available to its members via its Website. In addition to its "members only" area, ASF's site provides public access to links to member pages and other industry resources, job postings, and information concerning ASF's newsletter and workshops.

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