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September 28, 2005

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  Jack Meyer  

Jack Meyer, President and CEO
Harvard Management Company

Jack R. Meyer joined Harvard Management Company, Inc. (HMC) as President and CEO on September 1, 1990. ...more

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Jim Garland

Jim Garland, President
Jeffrey Company

Jim Garland is president of The Jeffrey Company, a family investment company based in Columbus, Ohio. ...more

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Mark Kritzman

Mark Kritzman, President and CEO
Windham Capital Management

Mark Kritzman is President and CEO of Windham Capital Management, LLC. He also serves as a Senior ...more

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Charley Ellis

Charley Ellis
Private Consultant

Charles D. Ellis serves as a consultant to large institutional investors and wealthy families and as Managing ...more

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Steve Galbraith

Steve Galbraith, Principal
Maverick Capital

Prior to joining Maverick in 2004, Mr. Galbraith served as Chief Investment Officer and Chief U.S. ...more

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