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November 4, 2010

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  Ken Hersh  

Ken Hersh, Co-Founder
NGP Energy Capital Management

Ken Hersh is CEO of NGP Energy Capital Management, the Irving, Texas-based manager of a series of private equity funds ...more

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David Dominik

David Dominik, Managing Director
Golden Gate Capital

David Dominik is founder and managing director of Golden Gate Capital, a private equity firm based in San Francisco ...more

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Runa Alam

Runa Alam, Co-Founder
Development Partners International

Runa Alam is founding partner and CEO of Development Partners International LLP, a leading pan-African private equity fund...more

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Steve Mandel

Steve Mandel, Managing Partner
Lone Pine Capital

Steve Mandel is founder and managing director of Lone Pine Capital Management, a global long/short and long-only equity money manager ...more

Interview not recorded at Mr. Mandel's request.

Lee Ainslie

Lee Ainslie, Chief Investment Officer
Maverick Capital Management

Lee Ainslie is managing partner at Dallas-based Maverick Capital Management LLC. Before founding Maverick ...more

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